13 Email Footer Design Best Practices & Examples To Inspire You

Looking for ways to improve your email footer design? Check out these tips and examples for creating an effective and professional email signature.

13 Email Footer Design Best Practices & Examples To Inspire You

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When it comes to email design, the email footer design is equally essential. The email footer design is what most users will see when they reach the end of your email. As such, it is an excellent opportunity to leave a lasting impression. A well-designed email footer will make your emails look more professional and improve the reader's overall experience. There are dozens of things you can include in your email footer design that will help you achieve your goals, and in this blog, we'll take a look at some of them.
Email Footer Design
Email Footer Design
The email footer, also known as the email signature, is the last block of content in a business email. It includes your business’s address, an unsubscribe link, and any other last-minute links or information you want the reader to have. Many companies also add social media icons, legal disclaimers, and additional contact details.
A well-crafted email footer, positioned at the bottom of your message, serves multiple purposes. Essentially, it is the final element your recipients see before deciding to take action or move on.
A legitimate way to establish trust in your recipients is to include your business address in the email footer. The address reminds your recipients that you are a real business and that you are available for in-person meetings at your physical location.
People are different, and not everyone will be interested in your emails. By including an unsubscribe link in your email, you give them the opportunity to opt out of your email list. This action will prevent your emails from going to their spam folders or risking being reported as spam.
Last-minute links in the email footer include those that you forgot to include in the body of the email or those that are not central to the email’s purpose.

Including Social Media Icons

Including social media icons in your email footer is a great way to encourage your email recipients to interact with your business on other platforms. This action can help you increase your following and drive more traffic to your social media platforms.
If you are a business owner, adding legal disclaimers in your email footer can help protect your business from lawsuits. A typical legal disclaimer includes the rights reserved for the contents of the email, confidentiality notices, and copyright notices.

Including Additional Contact Details

Some people prefer to reach out to companies in different ways. By including additional contact details in your email footer, you give your recipients alternative ways to communicate with you.

Other Considerations

Before you create an email footer, consider the goals of your email marketing campaign. Also, think about what the reader would want to see in the footer section of your email. A well-organized email footer can help increase your click-through rates, generate leads, and improve overall engagement.
Email Footer Design
Email Footer Design
Email signatures contain more personal information about a person sending an email, like their name, job role, contact details, etc. Signatures are placed at the end of the email, where you would traditionally sign your name. The email footer is included mostly in a company's marketing emails, including information about the company, legal content, contact details, ways to unsubscribe from the email, and more. They are typically more discreet and are found at the very bottom of the email.
Email Footer Design
Email Footer Design
In many professional or business emails, you will find a specific disclaimer about confidentiality. This disclaimer is crucial for protecting the contents of the email and the recipient's identity. These disclaimers are essential for various types of emails and are vital if you are setting up email automation.
The company logo is a fantastic way to make your brand stand out. It is a crucial element of your email footer design because it helps people recognize your brand. Along with the logo, you may include other company branding elements, such as your tagline, slogan, or other identifying features.

Call to action (CTA)

Your email may have a perfectly crafted message for your audience, but without a call to action in the email footer, your efforts are incomplete. Not only does a CTA conclude your emails nicely, but it also gives recipients something to respond to.It can increase conversions and boost sales.

General sender information

Another vital element in an email footer is general information about the sender, such as an address or contact number. While recipients can reply to your email, they may also prefer to call you or visit your website to learn more about your products or services. This is especially important if you have physical stores or an ecommerce website.
Adding an unsubscribe link or button may seem counterintuitive, but it actually helps filter out customers who are not interested in your offerings. According to GDPR compliance rules, you must include an unsubscribe link in your email footer. By offering an easy way to unsubscribe, you can ensure that your email list consists of engaged customers.
Your website and social media pages are essential for brand recognition and visibility. Including links to these platforms in your email footer design can significantly improve your brand's reach and engagement with customers.

Safelist request

A safelist request is a link in the email footer that asks readers to add you to their address book or safe list. By doing so, your emails are less likely to end up in their spam folder, improving email deliverability.

Brand values

Showcasing your brand's values to readers through the email footer can help captivate your target audience and encourage them to engage with your brand. A few lines describing your company and its values can leave a lasting impression on recipients.

Thank You note

Adding a brief thank you note in your email footer is a thoughtful gesture that can express gratitude to your readers for their time and loyalty. This simple act can make recipients more likely to engage with your future emails.

Manage preferences

Giving readers control over how and when they receive emails from you is crucial for building trust and maintaining a positive relationship. Including a “Manage Preferences” link in your email footer empowers customers and makes them more receptive to your email marketing efforts.

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Email Footer Design
Email Footer Design

1. Keep It Simple

The key to a successful email footer is simplicity. Aim to provide only the essential information that is necessary or useful to your readers. Avoid the temptation to include too many links, buttons, or logos as this can overwhelm subscribers.
A clean and easily scannable design ensures that readers can quickly find the information they need without being bombarded with unnecessary details. Consider using a hierarchical layout that prioritizes the most important information first, leading readers to the essential content effortlessly.

2. Make It Mobile-Friendly

With a significant portion of email opens happening on mobile devices, ensuring that your email footer is mobile-friendly is crucial. Opt for a design that is easy to read and interact with on smaller screens.
Enlarge text and buttons to make them easily clickable and ensure that links are adequately spaced to accommodate taps with thumbs or fingers. A mobile-friendly design not only enhances user experience but also increases the chances of engagement and conversions.

3. Use the Space

While simplicity is key, do not shy away from using the available space in your email footer effectively. Consider the amount of information you want to convey and ensure that there is ample padding between footer sections to avoid clutter. Although there is no strict rule about the size of the email footer, take advantage of the space to communicate important messages or share valuable content with your readers.
Comply with regulations and respect your audience's preferences by prominently displaying and making the unsubscribe link easy to find in your email footer. By prioritizing accessibility, you build transparency and trust with your subscribers, ultimately enhancing your email marketing reputation. Ensuring that recipients can effortlessly manage their email preferences helps maintain a positive relationship with your audience.
Creating a clear visual distinction between the footer and the body of your email is essential for effective design. Use different colors, fonts, or layouts to set the footer apart and maintain a consistent design that complements your email's theme. By establishing a separate identity for the footer, you make important information and actions easily noticeable and accessible to recipients, improving overall user experience.

6. Make the Information More Legible by Adding Space

Improve the readability of your email footer by incorporating adequate spacing in the design. Providing sufficient padding and margins around text and elements allows information to be visually appealing and easy to read. Avoid overcrowding content, as this can make the footer appear cluttered and difficult to navigate. Effective use of space enhances readability and ensures that essential information is readily accessible to recipients.

7. Tell Subscribers Where They Signed Up

Remind subscribers of their connection with your brand by clearly stating where they signed up, whether it was through your website, social media, or another channel. This reminder reduces the likelihood of readers marking your emails as spam since they are aware that they opted in voluntarily. Strengthen the bond with your audience by reinforcing their choice to receive your emails, fostering a positive relationship based on consent.

8. Ask Readers to Add You to Their Address Books

Encourage subscribers to add you to their address books to prevent your emails from being flagged as spam. When readers manually add you to their address books, it signals to email service providers that your content is valuable and desired by recipients. By taking this action, subscribers actively indicate to email providers that your emails should be delivered to the inbox rather than filtered as spam, enhancing your email deliverability.

9. Add Menus

Incorporate menus in your email footer to give subscribers the opportunity to explore different facets of your brand. Allow them to navigate to sales, new arrivals, or company information directly from the email footer. By offering menu options, you empower subscribers to engage with the content that interests them the most, providing a personalized experience that promotes interaction with your brand.
Harness the power of trackable links in your email footer to monitor and analyze engagement with different call to action or social media buttons. By using trackable links, you gain insights into subscriber behavior and preferences, allowing you to optimize your email content effectively. Test various CTAs and design elements to determine which ones drive the most clicks and conversions, enabling you to refine your email marketing strategy for optimal results.

11. Add Plain Text to Your Footers

Enhance the accessibility of your email footer by incorporating plain text that can be easily downloaded, even on slower internet connections. By avoiding embedding text within images, you ensure that your footer content is widely accessible to diverse audiences, including those using screen readers or text-based email clients. Improve the readability of your emails and make them more user-friendly by including plain text alongside visual elements in your footer design.
Keep your email footer fresh and engaging by updating it regularly, especially after rebranding or changing your brand's messaging. Consistent branding and messaging across all communication channels increase brand recognition and customer loyalty. By refreshing your email footer periodically, you demonstrate your commitment to delivering relevant and up-to-date information to your subscribers, enhancing their overall experience with your brand.

13. Add App Download Buttons

Integrate mobile app download buttons in your email footer to provide subscribers with another way to engage with your brand. By including app buttons, you subtly encourage users to explore your products or services through a different platform, increasing their interaction with your brand. Enhance user experience and promote seamless cross-platform engagement by offering app download options directly in your email footer.

Getting Started: Uploading Brands and Products

Before you can generate an email, you’ll need to upload a brand and product.
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Navigate to the “Brands” tab and select “Add a Brand”. Once you’ve defined the brand’s name, logo(s), font(s), and color(s), you can upload your product(s).
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Generate with AI

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If you’re feeling like a pro, click “Advanced Setup” to get more detailed access to other parameters such as your target audience, the type of email, and so on. Once you’re happy, click generate and watch the magic happen! In 30 seconds or less, you’ll have a email custom-tailored to your input.

Start from Template

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Already know what kind of email you’re looking to create? You can then click “Start from Template” and browse through our gallery of templates, curated for the most common use cases. We currently support 21 templates for 7 different categories, but will be continuing to update this based on your feedback! Once you select an email type, you’ll be prompted to select a brand and product and be taken straight to the builder.

Sending Emails: Integrate with Any ESP

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When exporting your email generation, you’ll be able to integrate with Klaviyo by inputting your API key. It’s as simple as that. We’re working on adding support for other major ESPs!
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Email Footer Design
Email Footer Design
In this email footer design, Capital One maintains a clean and straightforward design approach. The footer includes the company logo, contact information, and links to various resources. The footer also includes a privacy policy link, a link to manage email preferences, and a copyright notice.
Zoom's email footer design is simple yet informative. It provides a link to their privacy policy, a link to the help center, and a copyright notice. The footer includes the option to unsubscribe from email communications, which is essential for maintaining a positive user experience.
Citizen's email footer design includes essential elements such as contact information, a privacy policy link, and an option to unsubscribe. The footer also highlights the benefits of upgrading to a premium plan, encouraging users to take action and improve their safety experience.
Disney+ uses its email footer to promote its content by including a call-to-action to explore Oscar-winning movies. The footer also contains links to the terms of use, privacy policy, and a copyright notice. This design approach aims to engage users and drive traffic to specific areas of the platform.
Zapier's email footer design is comprehensive, featuring links to resources such as the support center, pricing details, and the terms of service. It also includes an option to manage email preferences and unsubscribe. This footer design prioritizes transparency and user convenience.
Mixcloud's email footer design emphasizes the quality of its services by offering users a free trial of its premium plan. The footer also includes links to the help center, the terms of use, and the privacy policy. This approach encourages users to explore premium features and benefits.
Box Genie's email footer design focuses on promoting its products by including a call-to-action that leads users to browse available deals and promotions. The footer also contains links to the terms of service and privacy policy, ensuring transparency and compliance with regulations.

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