Introducing Mailsplash, The AI Solution for E-commerce Email Marketing

Transform your e-commerce email marketing with Mailsplash's intuitive AI platform, effortlessly integrating personalized content and designs for impactful, brand-consistent campaigns.

Introducing Mailsplash, The AI Solution for E-commerce Email Marketing
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In the world of e-commerce, reaching out to customers through email marketing is a crucial strategy to add extra revenue for your brand(s). Mailsplash, with its proprietary AI, is revolutionizing how e-commerce brands engage with their audience. This guide will take you through the features of Mailsplash, showing how it simplifies the creation of stunning email campaigns, within just a few minutes, but first…

What is AI in Email Marketing?

AI in email marketing refers to the use of artificial intelligence to optimize and personalize email campaigns.
By entering your target demographic, as well as details about the type of email you’d like to create, our AI will use this information to create converting copy, and then designs.
Ultimately, this allows e-commerce brands to connect with customers more effectively.

Creative AI for Engaging Content

Mailsplash uses advanced AI to help create human-like, engaging email content. This includes persuasive copywriting and visually appealing designs that resonate with the target audience, making each email feel personal and relevant. We have trained our AI with countless converting emails, so that your campaigns are based on emails that have actually converted.

Mailsplash Features

Brands Tab

In the Brands tab, users can input their brand-specific elements like fonts, colors, logos, products, and testimonials. This helps in maintaining brand consistency across all email campaigns.

Generating AI-Powered Email Campaigns

Users follow simple steps to generate campaigns:
  • Choose email type (AI or template-based).
  • Input campaign details (brand, products, tone, etc.).
  • Customize the campaign further if needed.
  • Generate the campaign and export to your ESP, or export in HTML, PNG or JPEG.

Starting with AI

Users can choose to start their email campaign with our 'Start with AI' feature. Here, they provide a text prompt describing their campaign, select their brand and products, and choose the tone of the email (salesy, fun, bold and more!.). Our AI then crafts a campaign aligned with the data you entered.

Using Templates

Alternatively, users can select from a gallery of email campaign templates. After choosing a template that suits their needs, they can customize it with their brand and product details, creating a unique email campaign.
Whether you’re creating flows or campaigns, we’ll have a template suited for your email objective.
We have another article, where we go into detail about using our templates - which you can access by clicking here.

Getting Started with Mailsplash

Account Management and Onboarding

When users sign up, they will be prompted to enter information about their e-commerce brand, such as images, fonts, logos, colors, testimonials and product details. Once that’s done, you’re all set to start generating your emails!

Integration with ESPs

Mailsplash allows integration with various ESPs such as ActiveCampaign, Klaviyo and Mailchimp. When exporting your email campaign, click the relevant ESP for a quick and seamless transfer.

How Mailsplash Benefits Marketers

  • Speed and Efficiency: Rapidly generates multiple email campaigns, what would have taken hours, now takes minutes..
  • Personalization: Tailors campaigns to individual brand preferences.
  • Brand Consistency: Maintains a consistent brand voice and aesthetic across emails campaigns
  • Data-Driven Insights: Leverages data based on previous converting campaigns when building yours!
  • Scalability: Quickly scales up email marketing efforts without the need for additional resources such as Canva, Figma, Copy AI and ChatGPT.

Freelancers Leveraging Mailsplash

Impressive Campaign Prototypes for Prospective Clients

Freelancers can utilize Mailsplash to create impressive email campaign prototypes when pitching to prospective clients. The ability to quickly generate professional and personalized email content showcases the freelancer's competency and creativity, helping to secure new clients.

Versatile Tool for Diverse Clientele

Mailsplash's flexibility makes it an ideal tool for freelancers working with a variety of clients. Whether dealing with small startups or large corporations, freelancers can confidently use Mailsplash to deliver tailored email marketing solutions.

Building a Portfolio

Mailsplash can also help freelancers build a diverse portfolio of email campaigns, demonstrating their ability to handle different styles and industry requirements. This portfolio can be a key asset in attracting new clients.

Brands Using Mailsplash

Simplified Email Marketing

With Mailsplash, brands no longer need to invest heavily in learning the intricacies of email marketing. The platform simplifies the process, allowing brands to create effective email campaigns quickly and efficiently.

No Expertise Required

Mailsplash's user-friendly interface and AI-driven content generation mean that even those with little to no marketing background can create professional-looking email campaigns. This accessibility is particularly beneficial for small to medium-sized businesses with limited resources.

Consistent Branding and High Engagement

Mailsplash helps brands maintain consistency in their email marketing efforts. By using brand-specific elements like logos, colors, and fonts, the platform ensures that each email reflects the brand's identity. The AI-driven personalization also ensures high engagement rates, as emails are tailored to the preferences of each recipient.

Time and Cost Savings

By automating the process of creating email campaigns, Mailsplash saves brands significant time and resources. This efficiency means that brands can focus more on their core business activities, confident that their email marketing is in capable hands.

Agencies Using Mailsplash

Streamlined Client Management

Mailsplash offers a comprehensive solution for agencies managing multiple clients. Agencies can create separate profiles for each client within Mailsplash, allowing them to tailor email campaigns to each client's unique brand identity.

Cost-Effective Campaign Creation

By using Mailsplash, agencies can significantly reduce the need for expensive graphic designers and copywriters. The platform's AI-driven content creation and design tools enable agencies to produce high-quality, engaging email content efficiently and cost-effectively.

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